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Sworn Financial Advisory Services

 1- Corporate Income and Income Tax Certification with declarationannexes

Whatever the total asset and/or total net sales, all taxpayers can certify annual income and corporate income taxes to Sworn Financial Advisors. Although tax certification is not a legal requirement, there are some limits for the year of 2016 and 2017.

The Advantages of Tax Certification:

-You are considered to be inspected by Ministry of Finance if you have a tax certification.Unless there is special reason and notice, you do not directly be audited. (Law No. 3568/General Communiqué Serial No. 18)
-Taxpayers can minimize the risks arise from the tax related issues.
-In general, VAT Return will be taken by tax certification report.
-Tax certification offers taxpayers not to handle cross audits. Cross audits will be conducted by Sworn Financial Advisors on behalf of taxpayers.
-If you decide to conduct tax certification as a taxpayer, in January you have to be sign to contract with your Sworn Financial Advisors and the contract should be entered to GİB system till to end of February.

2- VAT Certification, Special Consumption Tax Certification and Other Certification Services

Deliveries of goods and services within the scope of full exemption specified in the Value Added Tax Law No. 3065 (Export, Export Registered Delivery, International Transportation, Machine and Equipment Deliveries with Delivery Note) and reduced rate (1% and 8%) related VAT return processes will be made by our firm rapid and meticulously. Other certification services provided by our company;

a- Certification of the payment of the capital and the determination of its increase,
b- Certification in accordance with the IPA Framework Agreement VAT Return,
c- Confirmation report of TUBITAK projects expenditure ,
d- Confirmation report of Development Agencies expenditure,
e- Certification for earnings exempt from Corporate Tax,
f- Services for the approval of Customs Declarations and Importer Information Form,/h5>
g- Certification of the account status documents given for the letters of credit and guarantees
h- Certification for the closing of the Inward Processing Permit and Investment Incentive Certificate,
i- Special audit and special purpose report services
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